Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Microsoft's Kinect: The New Mouse? -

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During the day, Microsoft scientists showed off research projects that exploited the technology used in Kinect — to recognize physical objects of all kinds, human faces, expressions, gestures and speech.

The potential uses include inexpensive 3-D design and modeling, photo-realistic human avatars and “smart” displays that, for example, might be able to direct two different visual and audio streams to two people sitting in the same room. A couple, for example, might be able to watch and hear two different television shows, streamed from the same set, and without headphones.

The demonstrations were animated by speech or gestures, waving a hand or stroking a screen. “There’s not a button or a switch,” said Peter Lee, managing director of Microsoft’s research lab in Redmond. “It’s just you. The success of Kinect shows a pathway to go forward.”

Microsoft's Kinect: The New Mouse? -

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