Thursday, February 24, 2011

Before the Onslaught, One Tablet Stands Out -

Another Xoom review/anticipatory eulogy (with an overall message similar to the Boston Globe and WSJ Xoom reviews: it’s kinda cool, but the new iPad will be unveiled next week…)

It’s not crystal-clear at this point why the world needs all of these competing tablets, each with different operating systems and app stores. There’s not enough differentiation to justify the coming onslaught of models; most of these companies seem to cranking out tablets just so they can say, “We have an iPad thingie, too!”

In the meantime, Motorola should be congratulated for the Xoom. For xealous tablet fans, it’s an excellent, xesty tablet with a xany price tag — but a lot of xip.

Before the Onslaught, One Tablet Stands Out -

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