Wednesday, February 23, 2011

App Watch: Taking Note on the iPad - Digits - WSJ

Sort of like OneNote has done since 2003?…

Jotting down a few notes using the iPad isn’t difficult using the Notes app that comes preinstalled with the device, but extensive typing on the tablet’s virtual keyboard can be challenging, as several reviewers have noted.

This is especially troubling for students (or reporters), or anyone trying to take accurate notes for more than just a few minutes. There’s an app, however, that takes some of the pressure of. It’s called SoundNote, and it records audio while the user types notes. The kicker is that the notes and the recording are linked together so that, after the recording is done, users can click on a word in the typed notes and automatically go to that spot in the actual recording.

App Watch: Taking Note on the iPad - Digits - WSJ

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Unknown said...

And like Wang Freestyle did in the late 1980s? ;-)