Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Apple Offers Subscriptions for All iPad Publications -

Somehow I suspect Apple will not be disappointed to see Rhapsody exit the Apple App Store

Amazon and Netflix declined to comment. In a sharply worded statement, Rhapsody called Apple’s conditions “economically untenable.”

In an interview, Jon Irwin, president of Rhapsody, said, “I would have no choice but to pull the app out of the App Store.” In the statement, Rhapsody said it would work with its “market peers in determining an appropriate legal and business response to this latest development.” Mr. Irwin declined to clarify what the company meant.

Apple Offers Subscriptions for All iPad Publications -

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New Buffalo MI fishing said...

The other catch is that Google One Pass isn’t suggesting you have to keep the price the same. The content providers can charge more of the convenience of in-app purchasing. However, Apple knows that the one-click convenience (an Amazon patent, by the way) of purchasing isn’t worth 30% to any consumer who would all be more than happy to brave the dreadful browser opening experience to save 30% per month.