Sunday, October 24, 2010

With Kinect, Microsoft Aims for a Game Changer -

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Where Apple popularized touch-screen technology, Microsoft intends to bombard the consumer market with its gesture and voice offerings. Kinect technology is intended to start in the living room, then creep over time throughout the home, office and garage into devices made by Microsoft and others. People will be able to wave at their computer and tell it to start a videoconference with Grandma or ask for a specific song on the home stereo.

“I think this is the first thing out of the consumer side of Microsoft in a long, long time where they are in front of everyone else,” says Joel Johnson, an editor at large at Gizmodo, the gadget site. “I want a Kinect in every room of my house, watching me and listening to what I am saying. It’s so sci-fi and next level that it would be amazing.”

With Kinect, Microsoft Aims for a Game Changer -

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