Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Case for Apple Buying Facebook | The Atlantic Wire

Check the link below for a round-up of the press/blogosphere/punditry, on the Apple + Facebook scenario.  I don’t think it’s a feasible scenario unless Mark Zuckerberg is planning to move on to a new adventure (probability = ~zero…), as Facebook doesn’t need the money and Apple’s modus operandi are very far from “radical transparency” 

He goes on to speculate that a Facebook purchase is in the works:

It’s hard not to read or hear that quote and not think that he’s thinking about some very big buys... Feel free to throw your own guesses in, but I’ll kick off with my own: It’s a company that has yet to compete with or brush up against Apple in any significant way. And it’s one that Apple seems unlikely to be able to move aside, even if it wanted to. And it’s one that’s already competing directly with Google, which has to make Jobs like it even more. And, if you believe this L.A. Times report, Jobs is already strolling around Palo Alto with its CEO: What do you think of Apple buying Facebook?

For mergers and acquisitions fiends, the prospect of a Facebook purchase was too tantalizing not to weigh in on. Here are the cases for and against this actually happening:

The Case for Apple Buying Facebook | The Atlantic Wire

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