Monday, October 25, 2010 / Technology - Jobs unlikely to overstretch Apple cash

Apple’s genes have changed considerably over the last few years; my bet is an acquisition (or several) to rapidly expand further into consumer electronics, e.g., Sony

Among the most fanciful ideas being batted around by outsiders are takeovers of Facebook, the social network valued in private share sales at more than $30bn, and perhaps Disney, the media group worth $67bn, including a large stake held by Mr Jobs.

But either would break Apple’s long-running pattern of investments – it has never paid more than $500m for a target – which risks straying into unfamiliar arenas. Former executives and bankers said they would be shocked if the maker of the iPhone, iPad tablet and Mac computer did anything as far-reaching.

“I don’t think they will buy anything big any time soon. It is just not in their genes,” said a former Apple strategist. / Technology - Jobs unlikely to overstretch Apple cash

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