Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Esther Dyson: Privacy Is a Marketing Problem: Tech News [GigaOM]

Some sage advice from Esther Dyson (check the link below for more), but I suspect many business models would evaporate if all companies practiced radical transparency – i.e., that their customers/users would not like what they’d then see.  I agree Facebook is helping to establish broader understanding of elaborate privacy-related hypertext conceptual models, in any case.

[…] While Facebook is often targeted for obfuscating and breaching user privacy, Dyson contended that the company is actually doing a reasonably good job of pushing forward its users’ understanding of privacy, with a few exceptions.

But the issue is more practical than all that, according to Dyson. “It’s not about privacy; it’s about transparency, disclosure and control,” she said. “I don’t know what privacy is, and you as marketers don’t know what privacy means to each of the individuals you market to. What you can do is you can disclose your own practices, you can make them intelligible and you can give your users control.”

Esther Dyson: Privacy Is a Marketing Problem: Tech News «

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