Wednesday, October 20, 2010

White House White Board | The White House [on politics and transparency]

The videos on this page are going to become a reality check in the battle between marketing budgets and spin versus transparency and facts.  I can’t understand how anyone objectively considering the information provided in the White House white board clips could believe it’s time to revert to the failed economic policies of the past. 

I’m guessing Chris Hughes is somehow constructively engaged in this domain; it’s a great example of the deft application of information technology to clearly explain complex, politically-sensitive scenarios.

For now: block ~6 minutes and view the first two videos in the series.  Track the site’s feed (or sign up for email updates).  Encourage people you know to explore the information.  The stakes are critically important; if political campaign marketing budgets and spin prevail over transparency and facts, we’re all going to suffer the consequences.

White House White Board | The White House

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