Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Software Is the Attraction at Cellphone Show -

A very dynamic market…

The shifting focus to mobile operating systems has shaken up a market that had been dominated by Nokia, the Finnish cellphone maker, whose sales had helped make Symbian the de facto leader. Since Apple introduced the iPhone, and Google released its free, open-source Android system, Symbian’s lead has started to shrink.

At the end of 2008, Symbian’s share of the global market for mobile operating systems had fallen by almost a third from the end of 2005, to 52.4 percent from 74.3 percent, according to Canalys, a research firm in Reading, England.

Over the same period, RIM rose to 16.5 percent from 8.6 percent; Microsoft rose to 13.9 percent from 7.9 percent; and the iPhone grabbed 9.6 percent of the market.

Software Is the Attraction at Cellphone Show -

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