Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chuck's Blog: The Coming Architectural Wars

On the Cisco speculation and related market dynamics; see the full post for more perspectives from Chuck Hollis (EMC VP -- Global Marketing CTO)

Where Is EMC In All Of This?

Well, if you're an outsider looking at EMC, you've probably realized that this sort of architectural thinking could align nicely with our own.

Besides, it's not like we're exactly in love with IBM, HP and Sun, are we?

At a very basic level, people are going to need storage, back it up, tier it, etc. regardless of who wins the server architecture wars. EMC has always been agnostic to server architectures, operating systems, etc. -- that's not going to change.

But, going further, you've probably seen how we've accelerated key data center technologies like FCoE, and done everything we can to make VMware work at scale.

And, it's not to hard to see how EMC's network-centric investments in resource management (Smarts) and information-centric security (RSA) can add even more to the discussion.

Chuck's Blog: The Coming Architectural Wars

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