Sunday, February 15, 2009

IBM-Cognos One Year Later | The Intelligent Enterprise Blog

It’ll be interesting, over the next few years, to see how this acquisition-and-integration strategy works out for IBM

The four segments of the Information Management business are Data Management (databases), Enterprise Content Management, InfoSphere (information integration), and Business Intelligence and Performance Management. This vast portfolio is chocked full of bits, pieces and huge chunks acquired from independents including Informix, FileNet, Ascential, DWL, Trigo and, of course, Cognos. Dissecting the performance must be hard even for IBM's bean counters, but I thought it might be easier to looking at a discreet, recently added chunk like Cognos. Unfortuntely, Tom Inman, Vice President of IOD Acceleration (how's that for a title?), just wouldn't go there.

"We're not going to break that out explicitly," Inman said, adding the gauzy assurance that "organic growth [for the Information Management division] was very solid and Cognos had a great last quarter."

See the full article for more details – but not details on Cognos financial performance, so maybe the IBM strategy should be called AIO, for acquisition, integration, and obfuscation…

IBM-Cognos One Year Later | The Intelligent Enterprise Blog

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