Friday, February 27, 2009

CBS Beams ‘Star Trek’ Episodes to iPhones - Bits Blog -

To boldly go … where maybe there’s no business model?

CBS is taking the iPhone where no iPhone has gone before.

Today, it released an iPhone application for its site that can play full episodes of TV series, ranging from “C.S.I.” to the original “Star Trek.” While Hulu, a rival video site owned by NBC and Fox, has kept its content only for computers connected to the Web, CBS has been far more open with its own content.

All sorts of video have been on the iPhone from the beginning by way of its YouTube application and its ability to play podcasts (which now can be downloaded over a wireless connection). The application for the Joost service can play some episodes from CBS and other producers’ series. NBC tried a special Web site set up to stream episodes of a few of its series for the iPhone.

CBS Beams ‘Star Trek’ Episodes to iPhones - Bits Blog -

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