Saturday, April 28, 2007

SD Times - Rich Internet Pioneer Ready [Curl] to Ride Again

Caught this in the dead-tree version of SD Times last week. 

Curl's technology is on the short list of things likely to be impacted (in a negative way) by Adobe's decision to open-source Flex 3.0.  Curl was an intriguing architectural vision several years ago, embodying a view of how web apps could be recalc'd if started over with a blank slate, but it's deeply in the outlier zone now.

A good curl will always bounce back. As such, Curl Corp., a rich Internet application (RIA) pioneer, is looking to bounce back into the consciousness of the North American market with the relaunch of its platform at the Web 2.0 Expo in mid-April.

Being positioned as a platform for business-critical, client/server applications, Curl isn’t just about eliminating page refreshes anymore. The platform, according to vice president of product strategy Richard Treadway, is best suited for applications that must be Web-enabled, require highly complex user interfaces, need support for enterprise-class data sets, and be high-performance and highly secure.

Source: SD Times - Rich Internet Pioneer Ready to Ride Again

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