Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Mossberg Solution -- Creating Your Own 'Wiki' Web Site

 WSJ review of Wetpaint (the link below is to the no-subscription-required version of the article)

The Mossberg Solution

Building a wiki, or collaborative Web site, is made easier using Inc., a free program.

This week, I tested a free program from Inc. that helps regular users create wikis, which encourage interaction because they're constantly changed by contributors. Wetpaint's wikis ease the process of adding Web links, digital images, digital videos and additional text to sites made with Wetpaint. Likewise, your site can easily be adjusted and enhanced by anyone who views it. Compared with blogs or normal Web sites, my Wetpaint wiki felt much more alive and exciting.

Source: The Mossberg Solution -- Creating Your Own 'Wiki' Web Site

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