Thursday, April 26, 2007

Adobe to open-source Flash tool Flex | CNET

This is a subtly significant move for Adobe, and it will create lots of new opportunities for Flex 

The company chose to create an open-source project for the Flex software to garner good ideas and contributions from developers outside Adobe, said Jeff Whatcott, vice president for product marketing at Adobe's enterprise and developer business unit.

The move is also meant to appeal to open-source developers who shun closed-source and proprietary products. Adobe already offers the Flex software development kit for free and provides the source code.

"For some people, (open source) is a philosophical requirement, a sign of integrity and trust in a vendor," Whatcott said. "This will close that gap and address any lingering doubts they have about our openness and commitment to community."

Source: Adobe to open-source Flash tool Flex | CNET

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