Monday, April 09, 2007

As Google Challenges Viacom and Microsoft, Its CEO Feels Lucky -

Timely interview with Eric Schmidt -- a couple excerpts: 

Google gets its revenue essentially from one source - online ads. One could argue that it’s not diversified enough.

The criticism is valid. We do get the vast majority of our revenue from advertising - which is a business that a lot of other people would like to be in.

But there are some new revenue models on the horizon. The most interesting is probably Google Apps, where we’re already beginning to get some significant enterprise deals.


How many data centers have you guys built?

In the dozens. There are a few very large ones, some of which have been leaked to the press. But in a year or two, the very large ones will be the small ones. That’s where a lot of the capital spending in the company is going.

Google controls its own fiber-optic network. Why?

We can tune it. One of the neat things about the Internet bubble of the ’90s was that people built all of this fiber, and now it’s essentially free. People are always assuming that we have some master plan involving telecommunications, when in fact, if you view it as solving the supercomputer problem, we just want the thing to be faster.

The full text of the interview is supposed to be at this page, but it's MIA at the moment

Source: As Google Challenges Viacom and Microsoft, Its CEO Feels Lucky -

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