Friday, April 06, 2007

Patent Ruling Impact -

So maybe my phone will continue to work next week after all... 

In its filing, Verizon said there were no legal grounds for giving Vonage a reprieve from the judge's order that it be permanently prohibited from using the technologies. But Verizon acknowledged that the judge may be reluctant to order a total ban if he believes it could do "irreparable injury" to Vonage. In that case, Verizon said, Vonage should be allowed to continue providing existing services to its 2.2 million customers but not add new ones. If a partial stay is ordered, Verizon asked that Vonage post a bond of at least $251 million to cover what Verizon says will be its lost revenue while the case is appealed.

Am I the only one who suspects Verizon is simply trying to suck the residual mkt cap out of Vonage in order to acquire its VoIP customer franchise at a steep discount?

Source: Patent Ruling Impact -

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