Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Platformonomics - Uninspired by Wired

Charles Fitzgerald on Wired's recent software-or-service article; see the full post for more details 

The April issue has an article entitled "Desktop R.I.P." that enthuses breathlessly about "computing moving off your machine and into the cloud".  I talked to the reporter, Jason Tanz, for this article a couple months ago (real-time Wired isn't).  Tanz, whose byline suggests his most eminent qualification to do the story was writing a book about Hip-Hop in White America, ignored what I had to say (hardly the first such occasion).  After all, why let pesky details get in the way of an absolutist premise.  But it helps if the examples you muster for your case actually support your argument.


The reality is the desktop is moving into the cloud and the cloud is moving onto the desktop.  The winners will bring together the unique capabilities of both.  The losers will cling dogmatically to one or the other.

Source: Platformonomics - Uninspired by Wired

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