Saturday, March 24, 2007

Good Morning Silicon Valley: New Vonage on-hold music: "Nearer, My God, to Thee"

Hmm -- so maybe you should try my mobile# in a couple weeks, if you can't catch me at my primary (Vonage...) number.  But under no circumstances will you reach me at a wired (VoIP or other) Verizon number in the foreseeable future --  if Vonage is shut down, my primary office number will move to Skype.

My phones rarely ring these days anyway -- most people know IM or email is a more effective way to reach me.  Somehow I'm guessing Verizon doesn't fully grasp that trend yet.

I doubt Vonage will be destroyed, in any case; more likely it will acquired at a much-reduced price -- perhaps by Verizon... 

That loud thump you heard over your VoIP connection this morning was the sound of the other shoe dropping. Two weeks after a jury ordered Internet phone company Vonage to pay Verizon $58 million plus future royalties for infringing on some patents (see "How do you call 911 on this thing again?"), a federal judge issued a permanent injunction barring Vonage from using the infringing technology. And while the judge delayed imposing the order for two weeks to give Vonage time to seek a stay, the company's stock went into a slide steep enough to warrant suspension of trading for a while in midday.

Source: Good Morning Silicon Valley: New Vonage on-hold music: "Nearer, My God, to Thee"

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Frances said...

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