Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Linux Starts to Find Home on Desktops - WSJ.com

Not dead yet... 

The Linux operating system, having made inroads into corporations' backroom server computers, is showing hints of inching into a much broader market: employees' personal computers.

The much-hyped notion that Linux would be viable software to run desktop and notebook PCs seemed dead on arrival a few years ago. But the idea is showing some new vital signs.


Almost no industry experts expect Linux to make much of a dent against Microsoft on the desktop and laptop any time soon. Windows is still in some 92% of the PCs sold each year, according to IDC. Microsoft could cement its grip on the PC further through a strategy of tying it more closely with its various types of server software, a move that adds new capabilities to Windows PCs.

Source: Linux Starts to Find Home on Desktops - WSJ.com

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