Monday, March 26, 2007

Google Operating System: Is JotSpot Google's Glue?

See the post for more details.  My bet: either JotSpot becomes the "glue" or it becomes Google's Collabra -- i.e., never seen again, post-acquisition... 

Many people wondered why Google bought JotSpot, a wiki company. After all, JotSpot let you create and share documents, spreadsheets, calendars, photos, videos and more. Google already has different services for most of these types of files, but they aren't integrated (or the integration is very limited).
Guillaume Belfiore suggests that JotSpot could integrate all the communication services created by Google into a single interface - let's call it GDrive. "In the end, many existing Google services would be accessible in one place. To me it is pretty obvious that, should GDrive become true one day, it will make an extensive use of the JotSpot technology," says Guillaume.

Source: Google Operating System: Is JotSpot Google's Glue?

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