Thursday, March 29, 2007

Microsoft May Shift Strategy to Keep Up -

More potential Google-initiated stimulus/response... 

Microsoft's negotiations to buy DoubleClick for as much as $2 billion underscore the software giant's growing impatience with its effort to grab more of the booming online advertising market.

The talks, reported by The Wall Street Journal this week, come as Microsoft continues a struggle to keep pace with the growth of Web-search leader Google, which has thrived on online advertising.

Microsoft, in creating big franchises in areas such as PC software and videogames, has long built most of its businesses from the ground up, rather than buying its way into markets. An acquisition of DoubleClick would signal that strategy isn't working in online advertising, arguably the largest business opportunity Microsoft has entered since it helped spark the PC software market.

Source: Microsoft May Shift Strategy to Keep Up -

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