Friday, March 23, 2007

Google building software, not cell phone: analyst | Tech&Sci | Technology |

So maybe Google doesn't aspire to compete in every imaginable product/service category after all... 

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said in a research note to clients that Google appears to be building software for Web search on cell phones and location-finding services to work with Apple Inc.'s (AAPL.O: QuoteProfile , Research) iPhone and other cell phones.

"We believe Google is working with, not against, Apple in the mobile world," Munster said.

In recent months, various reports have described how Web search leader Google could be developing a "Gphone" -- a low-cost, Internet-connected phone with a color, wide-screen design. Newspaper and blog reports in recent months have Google shopping its phone design to potential cell phone manufacturing partners in Asia.

On a related note, check out chapter 5 of Infotopia sometime for some interesting analysis suggesting the signal-to-noise ratio in most blogs is likely to get worse over time, and how "information cocoons" can easily form that, e.g., lead reasonable people worldwide to assume a breakthrough Google phone is about to ship when the reality might be a bit duller but also sensible...

Source: Google building software, not cell phone: analyst | Tech&Sci | Technology |

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Great blog and well-read to boot!

An "information cauldron" seems a more apt description of this situation. It brings to mind a coven of witches brewing a potion they hope to use for their own devious ends.

Joe Bloggs