Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Zimbra - Blog - Thoughts on Office 2.0 (Reprise)

Scott Dietzen on "Web 2.0"/"Office 2.0" etc.  Useful list; see the post for details. 

Yes, the "2.0" hype is getting out of hand. However, just as with Web 2.0, the technology evolution we are participating in is sufficent to at least justify the discussion. So while I am still dubious about the Office 2.0 moniker, there is no doubt that the Web authoring, sharing, and collaboration technologies under the Web 2.0 umbrella are allowing us to do many of the things we used to do within proprietary Office 1.0 desktop applications, and to do so from any browser on the net. So before you dismiss Office 2.0 as yet another buzz word du jour, please consider some (modest) over-generalizations:

Source: Zimbra - Blog - Thoughts on Office 2.0 (Reprise)

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