Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More on Ray Ozzie's "I will fix it all" quote

I hate it when the press takes things out of context -- that has been an occupational hazard for me for a couple decades now, first as a software product manager and for the last few years as an industry analyst/consultant. I'm always careful to not say things that can be quoted out of context to support positions I don't believe in etc.

In any case, Ray Ozzie's "I will fix it all" quote in the article I referenced earlier this morning is now a good case study in this context.  I had an exchange with someone who was in the room during Ray's presentation, and it's very clear that Ray was joking -- relative to the market's approximately infinite expectations for his role as Microsoft Chief Software Architect etc. 

I expect the frequency of this type of out-of-context stuff with Ray will decrease over time, as more reporters get to know Ray as Ray rather than Ray-as-billg-replacement mode.

Link to Peter O'Kelly's Reality Check: At 30, crypto still lacks usability, experts say - Security - News - ZDNet Asia

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