Monday, October 30, 2006

» Is Firefox 2.0 a dud? | Hardware 2.0 |

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Is Firefox 2.0 a dud?  Are users better avoiding it and waiting until a future build?  Are too many of the new features buggy and incomplete and is the browser overall more unstable that previous versions?  What about Firefox on Vista? 


So what's my issue with running Firefox on Windows Vista?  It's that it runs in standard user mode and has full access to the system.  Internet Explorer 7 on the other hand runs in protected mode.

Source: » Is Firefox 2.0 a dud? | Hardware 2.0 |


Anonymous said...

Why would Firefox need Protected Mode if User Account Control is doing its job?

Or has Protected Mode been badly implemented?

I've namechecked you in my reaction to this is over here:

Thanks for pointing this out!

pbokelly said...

Thanks for sharing your perspectives -- great questions.