Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Newspaper Circulations Slide More - WSJ.com

One of many things that took about a decade longer than originally expected but now seems inevitable... 

Nearly every major U.S. newspaper suffered circulation declines in the past six months, according to the newspaper industry's twice-yearly report from the Audit Bureau of Circulations, the latest confirmation of the difficulties facing the industry as readers flock to the Web and other outlets for news.

Average daily circulation of the 770 newspapers reporting results to the ABC dropped 2.8% on a year-to-year basis during the six months ended Sept. 30, according to an analysis from the Newspaper Association of America, an industry-trade group.

Source: Newspaper Circulations Slide More - WSJ.com


John Lee said...

IRIS Blog has proof that conservative papers have been steadily growing, while all liberal ones have been hemmorrhaging readers.

For example, the Post is now the #1 tabloid in New York after this year's 5% jump and 19% growth over the past four years.

pbokelly said...

Interesting -- and perplexing; thx