Sunday, October 29, 2006

ANN: FeedDemon 2.1 Beta 3a (Build

FeedDemon (beta 2.1) now directly supports Windows Live Writer, although the user experience isn't optimal, imho -- you select an item in a feed index, right-click/send to/blog this news item/Windows Live Writer.  Unfortunately it doesn't support the model used in browser clients, wherein an arbitrary selection can be used for the post.  

I've just uploaded FeedDemon 2.1 Beta 3a, which corrects a few problems that people reported in yesterday's beta.  To get it, just stop by the FeedDemon Beta Site.

I've also updated the FeedDemon 2.1 Quick Reference Sheet to include the new keyboard shortcuts added in Beta 3.

Source: ANN: FeedDemon 2.1 Beta 3a (Build
Originally published on Thu, 26 Oct 2006 22:45:29 GMT by Nick Bradbury

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