Wednesday, May 24, 2006 - When Nike Met iPod - When Nike Met iPod: "Apple Computer Inc. and Nike Inc. yesterday said they have teamed up to create a wireless system that connects Apple's iPod nano digital music player to certain Nike-compatible sneakers. Using a small sensor that's inserted into the sole of a new Nike running shoe -- the $100 Air Zoom Moire -- the system lets runners record the distance, time, pace and calories burned during each workout. Nike is also rolling out workout clothes that are made to carry iPods, and other compatible shoes will be launched later in the summer.
In an interview, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said he believes the Nike fitness device is in keeping with the iPod's heritage in entertainment. 'I don't think we're straying too far from home,' Mr. Jobs said. 'I would like it if iPods were indispensable throughout daily life.'"

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