Thursday, May 25, 2006

[print version] Allchin: Still worried about Vista | CNET

[print version] Allchin: Still worried about Vista CNET "If you had to offer a list of a few lessons that the whole Vista development process has given you, what would be at the top?
Allchin: Well, since about August or whatever--the middle of 2004--when we reset, I think we did most everything right. Before then, there has been a large postmortem on paper that I personally wrote on all the things that we needed to improve, which dealt with changing the engineering process, that had to do with dependencies, what dependencies you take at what levels and the projects at what level in the system, layering. Of all of the issues, I really think dependencies are probably the biggest one. I think it's an illusion and a mirage to say, 'Oh, there's a better way to do this, we'll just ship software on the Internet, somehow the quality will improve and we'll do it faster.' It doesn't work that way."

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