Saturday, May 13, 2006

E-mail Out of Every Plug

E-mail Out of Every Plug: "Broadband sent over power lines offers Internet access everywhere in your house -- and could also offer the country a way to save energy"

Great article in the June issue of The Atlantic Monthly by James Fallows (who is one of my favorite writers). I'm afraid the full article is only supposed to be accessible to subscribers, however, so I'll take the liberty of excerpting a bit more...

"My nominee for the innovation now mutating into the most interesting new forms is a technology called Broadband over Power Lines, or BPL (about which I first wrote in The New York Times two years ago). For years it has been touted as the answer to a problem that, it now appears, will be solved in other ways. But meanwhile it is providing a useful new service for consumers. It could even play a part in addressing environmental and national-security concerns."

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