Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Slashdot | Apple Begins Fixing MacBook Pro Issues

Slashdot Apple Begins Fixing MacBook Pro Issues

This just in from the reality distortion field:

"Hack Jandy writes "For those of you who bought one of the first generation Macbook Pros, a new replacement may be in your future. Flicking LCDs, overheating and intermittent WiFi connections are all common place for many of these first generation machines, but apparently Apple is fixing the problem. The article claims 'According to Apple, it has begun replacing the mainboard inside its MacBook Pros with a new revision. It calls the updated product "revision D," which is indentifiable by product serial number.' If you have a reservation at an Apple Store, they may even replace your MBP with a new one.""

So Apple gets extra good will points for replacing faulty laptops?... Apparently Apple is now using paying customers for new product field tests.

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