Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sun Exodus Aids JackBe

Sun Exodus Aids JackBe: "To get a head start on the emerging trend of AJAX and SOA integration, JackBe, one of the early AJAX supporters (it had one of the first AJAX tool kits available on the market), has recruited three of Sun's top Java/SOA engineers, including Distinguished Engineer and Chief Java Architect John Crupi.
Crupi, who also was former chief technology officer of Sun's Enterprise Web Services Global Practice, joins JackBe as the company's CTO. Deepak Alur, a Sun principal engineer who led Sun's SOA initiatives and was lead architect for implementing eBay's V3 project, joins as JackBe's vice president of engineering. Dan Malks, also a Sun principal engineer, joins JackBe as vice president of solutions and strategic development.
The trio made up a core team focusing on SOA strategies in Sun's services-focused organization. The loss of these engineers is but another blow to Sun's software world in the wake of the recent departure of John Loiacono, Sun's former executive vice president of software, to Adobe Systems."

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