Thursday, April 06, 2006

Windows or Mac? Apple Says Both - New York Times

Windows or Mac? Apple Says Both - New York Times: "Wednesday's move also won an important endorsement from Apple's other co-founder, Stephen G. Wozniak, who long ago left the company but remains a vocal Macintosh user and is idolized by the Mac faithful.
'It's a great thing for Apple,' he told a reporter by e-mail. 'I don't see the earth being rocked, but I can now recommend Apple hardware to a lot more people. One pitch is that if Windows gets too frustrating and unbearable and unsafe, then they can easily switch.'"

I.e., perhaps Apple co-founder and Apple I/II creator Stephen Wozniak believes some people will opt to run Windows rather than Mac OS -- not just use XP on an as-needed basis for apps that aren't available on Mac OS.

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