Thursday, April 06, 2006

Apple Support Windows XP on Intel Macs | Bayosphere

Apple Support Windows XP on Intel Macs Bayosphere: "In any event, Apple deserves serious applause for this move. I will have two impacts on my life, assuming I end up buying one of the new Macs (which I now expect to do at some point): First, I won't be buying a machine just for the Windows apps I need to try or use; and second, I no longer care if Microsoft ports VirtualPC, the Windows emulation software that runs on PowerPC models, to the new machines. It's irrelevant now."

Of course, some people might opt to buy Windows PCs anyway, say a new Dell desktop for $299, rather than paying $199 for a copy of Windows XP Home ($299 if you want XP Pro) to run on their new Mac. BTW the "irrelevant" Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac (not available for Intel Macs today; unclear if it ever will be now, I suppose) is $249 including XP Pro. (Overall, Microsoft's "Q&A: Using Microsoft for Mac Products with Intel-Based Macs" is not entirely encouraging...)

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