Monday, April 10, 2006

Surfing the Web -- with no connection

Surfing the Web -- with no connection: "Today, Husick and Mathur are introducing Webaroo -- a Bellevue company whose free software allows users of laptops and hand-held computers to take portions of the Web with them wherever they wander.
The technology, which stores Web pages on a laptop's hard drive or a mobile phone's storage card, could have wide-ranging implications. A sales professional staying in a London hotel could access reviews for nearby restaurants without the hassle of paying for an Internet connection. Airplane travelers could use Webaroo to read portions of The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle or without needing an airborne Internet service such as Connexion by Boeing. And visitors to remote regions -- whether Australia or Alaska -- could have superfast access to archived versions of their favorite Web sites."

It's definitely feeling like 1999 again...

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