Sunday, April 16, 2006

PBS | I, Cringely . April 13, 2006 - Easy DOS It

PBS | I, Cringely . April 13, 2006 - Easy DOS It: "One part of last week's column on Apple's Boot Camp that slipped past many readers was the idea that Apple would actually start shipping OEM versions of Windows Vista with at least some of its computers. I believe that will be the case and, if so, it is a big deal, and could lead to Apple becoming the biggest vendor of Windows computers to business, which I think is a hoot.
Ironically, I predict that Avie [Tevanian] will move north to Redmond and work at Microsoft with Rick Rashid, the father of Mach. Rashid, who runs Microsoft Research, taught at Carnegie Mellon University in the 1980s when Tevanian was a graduate student there. Microsoft has long tried to recruit Avie, whom I predict will now follow the money. I don't expect, though, that he'll have much technical impact on Microsoft."

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