Friday, June 03, 2016

Slack: The Real Story | Blog | Real Story Group

Final paragraphs from a Slack reality check

"When it tries to expand beyond it current (enthusiastic and vocal) user base of startups and small teams, Slack will find that it enterprise collaboration is a different ball game altogether. Enterprise considerations revolve around scalability, deployment architectures, integration with existing stacks, fine-grained administrative controls, records management and archival needs -- all areas in which Slack is yet to prove itself.  For example, Uber, LinkedIn, and Twitter are said to have dropped plans for enterprise-wide use of Slack. 

In the end, real-time group messaging has its place among enterprise collaboration use cases, but it is still one among the several applications that your organization requires. In the group chat space itself, remember that you have alternatives (e.g., Atlassian and Microsoft Skype), who may understand key enterprise issues and requirements through their long experience in large-scale deployments."
Slack: The Real Story | Blog | Real Story Group
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