Saturday, September 27, 2014

Postgres Outperforms MongoDB and Ushers in New Developer Reality [EnterpriseDB blog]

This post was published by a Postgres-focused ISV, and it'll be interesting to see the response from the MongoDB community, but the future may be looking increasingly (extended/multi-metamodel) relational...

"With the newest version, PostgreSQL has ushered in a new era of developer flexibility exceeding the freedom they discovered with NoSQL-only solutions. The use of niche solutions, like MongoDB, increased because developers needed freedom from the structured data model required by relational databases. They needed to move quickly and work with new data types. They choose powerful but limited solutions that addressed immediate needs, that let them make changes without having to wait for a DBA.

However, many organizations have discovered that successful applications often require structure down the road, as data becomes more valuable across the organization.
Postgres gives developers broad new powers to start out unstructured, and then when the need arises, combine unstructured and structured data using the same database engine and within an ACID-compliant environment.

The code shows Postgres has the capability, and now our performance comparisons demonstrate Postgres can handle the loads."
Postgres Outperforms MongoDB and Ushers in New Developer Reality

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