Thursday, June 12, 2014

Facebook to Let Users Alter Their Ad Profiles -

Mind your graph; also see Facebook Gives Advertisers More Access to Your Data. You’re Probably Going to Be Fine with It (Re/code)

"Facebook plans to announce on Thursday that it is going to give its users the ability to see the dossiers of likes and interests it keeps on them, as well as the ability to change, add or delete information in those files. And if you don’t like an ad, you will be able to tell the social network what types of marketing messages you would rather see.

For Facebook, giving users more control could be smart business. A record of user interests — gathered by tracking their activity on the site — is the basis of ad targeting on the social network. Companies are likely to buy more ads and pay higher prices if they know that their pitches are reaching a receptive audience."
Facebook to Let Users Alter Their Ad Profiles -

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