Friday, December 02, 2011

Gilbane Boston 2011 big data presentation

Check the link below for a PowerPoint presentation I co-presented with Hadley Reynolds this week at the Gilbane Boston 2011 conference, in a panel moderated by Kathy Reidy.  For more context-setting, download the pptx and check the links and speaker notes.  I covered slides 1 – 22 (a big data overview and review of structured big data topics) and 48 – 49 (related opportunities and risks); Hadley addressed unstructured big data topics.  Thanks to the session attendees for their interest and a productive Q&A discussion.

The short version of the structured big data part of the session:

  • Substantive, sustainable, and synergistic
    • RDBMS
    • XDBMS (XML DBMS, e.g., MarkLogic Server)
    • Hadoop
    • The cloud as an information management platform
  • Vaguely defined, transitory, and over-hyped
    • NoSQL

Gilbane Boston 2011 big data

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