Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Salesforce.com takes on Oracle in database market - Yahoo! News

As with Dave Kellogg, I’m curious to know which DBMS is behind database.com, and suspect, looking through the database.com FAQ and historical tidbits such as this 2005 Oracle press release (about Salesforce.com being built on Oracle Database), that database.com is actually built on Oracle Database.  I wonder if Salesforce.com also built on Oracle Beehive (which, tangentially, appears to be having an existential crisis as an Oracle product) for its social software stuff.  Small world…

Database.com is built on the same cloud computing model as Salesforce.com's existing products: Salesforce.com will host the database, which customers will access via secured connections over the public Internet. The fee covers software costs, hosting and data storage.

Database.com, which will be available next year, can store data for applications written for Facebook, Twitter, Apple Inc's iPhone and iPad as well as Google Inc's Android operating system for smart phones.

It is also compatible with applications that run on cloud computing systems from Amazon.com Inc, Google and Microsoft.

Salesforce.com takes on Oracle in database market - Yahoo! News

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