Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Introducing Database.com

Salesforce.com introduces a cloud database service; see the link below for details

So what exactly is Database.com? Let’s drill into it.

First and foremost it is an enterprise database, with the functionality you need to quickly and easily build enterprise applications. It supports the proven relational model for designing your database. But the world has progressed in the last 30 years since the relational database was introduced, and people also expect to be able to find information just by searching. And so Database.com also includes a full-text search engine. It also includes a sophisticated identity and authentication model, and builds on that model to include a rich sharing and security engine to make it easy to determine which users get access to which records. Database.com is programmable, supporting triggers and stored procedures. And finally, a cloud database need to be designed for integration. So Database.com automatically generates an API as you build out your data model. Of those 25B transactions that you made last quarter against our cloud database, over 10B of them were API calls – other computers exchanging information with Database.com.

But of course, Database.com is a cloud database, which means no hardware, no software, and it automatically scales, upgrades, tunes itself, backs itself up, etc. It’s a true data utility.

Introducing Database.com

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