Monday, June 14, 2010 - Lotus Notes: The Long Goodbye

An excerpt from a stark and timely reality check on the IBM Lotus community follows below.  Read the full post and check out the extensive comments.  Accentuating the positive, for the remaining Notes/Domino community, the skills developed while mastering Notes/Domino are readily transferable to the Microsoft platform (much more so than to, say, the IBM WebSphere platform), and Exchange, SharePoint, OCS, and Office market momentum is exceptionally strong, especially since, unlike IBM, Microsoft offers the same platform and tools on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid deployments.

But. Something about that thing about IBM selling Lotus Notes as messaging, and only as messaging, has finally caught up with us. Something about IBM fundamentally not believing in Notes as an application development platform, and refusing to market it as application development, has created the reality that we now face in the marketplace. And the competition is at long last eating Lotus Notes for breakfast. And honestly, I think at some level in the IBM organization, there are those who are relieved it's finally going away. Because what they want is to sell the really expensive Websphere stuff. Domino, I'm guessing, just doesn't net them the rivers of cash from the Fortune 100 like the big iron stuff does. But Domino getting its clock cleaned by Exchange and Sharepoint leaves a huge hole in IBM's strategy. - Lotus Notes: The Long Goodbye

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