Friday, May 01, 2009

GigaOM: Inside Facebook’s Photo Factory

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In a blog post today, Facebook shares some secrets of its photo infrastructure, which is based on its core innovation, Haystack. First let me give you some fun facts about Facebook Photos, which will help you understand why what they’ve done is so impressive.

  • Facebook users have uploaded more than 15 billion photos to date, making it the biggest photo-sharing site on the web.
  • For each uploaded photo, Facebook generates and stores four images of different sizes, which translates into a total of 60 billion images and 1.5 petabytes of storage.
  • Facebook adds 220 million new photos per week or roughly to 25 terabytes of additional storage.
  • At the peak there are 550,000 images served per second. (See more in this video.)

Inside Facebook’s Photo Factory

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