Monday, January 05, 2009

Personal update: I am now a Microsoft employee

I’m psyched to announce that I have joined a new Microsoft team focused on enterprise collaboration optimization (i.e., communication, collaboration, and information architecture, for large organizations). It’s a great opportunity for many reasons, including:

1. Microsoft now has what I consider to be the best enterprise offering (software + services) set for communication, collaboration, and information architecture (e.g., content and data management). I’ve greatly enjoyed interacting with the related Microsoft product teams as an industry analyst/consultant over the last few years, and look forward to getting more involved with the product teams in my new role.

2. The role is consistent with what I’ve been focused on for most of the last couple decades, as a product manager/strategist and as an industry analyst. In many ways, I think we’re just getting started with collaboration, and I’m very pleased to be part of a product company again, helping to advance the enterprise collaboration industry agenda.

3. I’m reunited with many former colleagues with whom I’m very excited to work again – I’ll share more details on the team members and mission in future posts.

4. On a personal level, I will continue working from a home office, the routine I’ve been enjoying full-time for several years (i.e., I’m not moving to Redmond; I think the Seattle area is great, but the timing is not right for my family to relocate).

I will miss some facets of the industry analyst/consultant routine, such as the extensive press interaction, but I will continue with enterprise-focused collaboration consulting; I’ll simply be focused on Microsoft products and services, from now on.

This blog isn’t going to change – it will remain a technology-focused news filter blog.

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