Sunday, July 01, 2007

How the iPhone will change computing - Jun. 29, 2007

Typical reality distortion field instance: 

So are you worried about the extraordinary expectations for the phone, I asked Jobs? "Not really," he replied, "because it's actually even better than people expect!" That is an extravagant claim, but my reading of the early reviews from people like Walt Mossberg and David Pogue leads me to believe it isn't much overstated.

Meanwhile, also on the Fortune site: The iPhone is business media’s Paris Hilton

The news value of the product launch doesn’t merit all the coverage it is getting - but yet everytime The Browser writes about the iPhone we get tons of reader feedback. (Some of it comes from Apple (AAPL) enthusiasts who seem to pore over every sentence looking for hidden or overt anti-Apple bias.) So we feed the beast with more iPhone stories and blog posts.

And like Paris Hilton, the iPhone won’t go away. To paraphrase New York magazine’s  Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations, there will be backlash to the iPhone and then backlash to the backlash.  (We’re well past the overhype stage, so expect the iPhone to be uncool in about 3 days, and so uncool-it’s-cool by mid July.)

How the iPhone will change computing - Jun. 29, 2007

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