Wednesday, June 06, 2007

» Microsoft readies new managed services | All about Microsoft |

Subtly significant update from TechEd -- Microsoft plans to ultimately offer all of its software products as managed services, and it's already offering services including Exchange, SharePoint, and LCS.

A few months back, I speculated on how/when Microsoft would field hosted SharePoint Server, hosted Exchange Serverand hosted Live Communications Server products. My best guess was Microsoft would launch Microsoft-managed versions of these services in the late 2007 or later timeframe.

I was surprised to learn today at Microsoft’s TechEd 2007 show that all of these products are already on the Microsoft price list. And there are some new managed services in the near-term pipeline about which Microsoft hasn’t gone public, such as a Microsoft-managed business-intelligence bundle consisting of SQL Server, Performance Point and SharePoint Server all integrated together.

» Microsoft readies new managed services | All about Microsoft |

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