Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Google and Salesforce.com Team vs. Microsoft - WSJ.com

Interesting headline, and the article goes on to implicitly speculate about possible Google/salesforce.com collaboration in competing with Office, but at this point it looks like the companies have simply partnered to offer advertising services similar to what Microsoft already offers in Office Live. 

Google Inc. and Salesforce.com Inc., a provider of Web services for businesses, plan to announce today that they are collaborating to target small businesses.

An initial joint service will allow Salesforce.com customers to place advertisements alongside Google search results using Salesforce.com's Web site. In other words, Salesforce.com will resell Google AdWords, acting as a distribution channel for that popular service. Salesforce.com's revenue will come from selling the new service; the firm will also receive a cut of Google's revenue from ads placed through its service, but a spokesman described that amount as "negligible" and "not material."

Google and Salesforce.com Team vs. Microsoft - WSJ.com

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